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Zajonc believes that cognition and emotion are

  • independent

  • interrelated

  • integrated

  • interdependent


According to McDougall, every instinct is associated with

  • cognition

  • emotion

  • sensation

  • thinking


Rorschach inkblot test is used to measure which of the following?

  • Personality

  • Intelligence

  • Interest

  • Aptitude


Multilingual character of Indian society should be seen as

  • a resource for enrichment of school life

  • a challenge to teacher's capacity to motivate students to learn

  • a factor that makes school life a complex experience for the learners

  • a hindrance in teaching-learning process



All the following facts indicate that a child is emotionally and socially fit in a class except

  • develop good relationships with peers

  • concentrate on and persist with challenging tasks

  • manage both anger and joy effectively

  • concentrate persistently on competition with peers


concentrate persistently on competition with peers

All the following facts indicate that a child is emotionally and socially fit in a class except concentrate persistently on the competition with peers.


The knowledge of individual differences helps teachers in

  • understanding the futility of working hard with backward students as they can never be at par with the class

  • accepting and attributing the failure of students to their individual differences

  • making their presentation style uniform to benefit all students equally

  • assessing the individual needs of all students and teaching them accordingly


Which of the following facts has been least discussed in the psychology of emotion?

  • Emotion is a subjective feeling and varies from person to person

  • Emotions may not only occur within individual students, but also within the entire class

  • Emotions are a complex pattern of arousal and cognitive interpretation

  • Emotional process involves physiological as well as psychological reactions


The statement, "we have people amongst us, some who are tall and some who are short and some are fair and some others who are dark, some people are strong and some others are weak" is based on the established principle of

  • intelligence and sex differences

  • intelligence and racial differences

  • individual dissimilarity

  • individual advancement


The 'emotional' aspect of behaviour falls in

  • cognitive domain of learning

  • affective domain of learning

  • conative domain of learning

  • psychological domain of learning


The following skills are involved in emotional intelligence, except

  • criticism of emotions

  • amicable relation with class fellows

  • awareness of emotions

  • management of emotions