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Who among the following described 'reflective thinking'?

  • Dewey

  • Ross

  • Woodworth

  • Drever


Progressive education is associated with which of the following statements?

  • Teachers are the originators of information and authority

  • Knowledge is generated through direct experience and collaboration

  • Learning proceeds in a straight way with factual gathering and skill mastery

  • Examination is norm-referenced and external


In the context of progressive education, the term 'equal educational opportunity' implies that all students should

  • be provided an education by using the same methods and materials without any distinction

  • be provided an education which is most appropriate to them and their future life at work

  • receive equal education irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, region and religion

  • be allowed to prove their capability after receiving an equal education

4. Child is a book which the teacher has to learn from page to page. Who has stated the above?
  • Plato

  • Rousseau

  • Aristotle

  • Ross


The new progressive pedagogy professes

  • assessment in learning

  • assessment of learning

  • assessment for learning

  • assessment along learning


Progressive education

  • is based on the principles of conditioning and reinforcement

  • is centered around textbooks since they are the only valid source of knowledge

  • reaffirms the belief that the teacher has to be firm in her approach and in today's world children cannot be taught without using punishment

  • lays strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking


Progressive education entails that the classroom is

  • authoritarian, where the teacher dictates and the students follow meekly

  • free for all with the teacher absent from it

  • in full control of the teacher, who is dictatorial

  • democratic and there is space given to children for understanding