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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


One solid sphere A and another hollow sphere B are of same mass and same outer radii. Their moment of inertia about their diameters are respectively IA and IB such that

Where dA and dB are their densities.

  • IA = IB

  • IA > IB

  • IA < IB

  • IA < IB



What would be the work done in stretching a wire.



    A granite rod of 60 cm length is clamped at its middle point and is set into longitudinal vibrations. The density of granite is 2.7 x 103 kg/mand its Young’s modulus is 9.27 x 1010 Pa. What will be the fundamental frequency of the longitudinal vibrations?

    • 7.5 kHz

    • 5 kHz

    • 2.5 kHz

    • 10 kHz


    The density of a material in the shape of a cube is determined by measuring three sides of the cube and its mass. If the relative errors in measuring the mass and length are respectively 1.5% and 1%, the maximum error in determining the density is:

    • 6%

    • 2.5%

    • 3.5%

    • 4.5%



    A solid sphere of radius r made of a soft material of bulk modulus K is surrounded by a liquid in a cylindrical container. A massless piston of the area a floats on the surface of the liquid, covering an entire cross section of cylindrical container. When a mass m is placed on the surface of the piston to compress the liquid, the fractional decrement in the radius of the sphere, (dr/r), is

    • mg/Ka

    • Ka/mg

    • Ka/3mg

    • mg/3Ka



    Bulk modulus, K = Volumetric stressVolumetric strainK= mgadVV  dVV = mgKa ....(i)Volume of sphere,V = 43πR3Fractional Change in volume dVV = 3drr .... (ii)Using equ (i) & (ii) 3drr = mgKa drr = mg3Ka (fractional decrement in radius)


    Which of the following statement related to stress-strain relation is correct ?

    • Stress is linearly proportional to strain irrespective of the magnitude of the strain

    • Stress is linearly proportional to strain above

    • Stress is linearly proportional to strain for stress much smaller than at the yield point

    • Stress-strain curve is same for all materials


    The lower edge of a square slab of side 50 cm and thickness 20 cm is rigidly fixed to the base of a table. A tangential force of 30 N is applied to the slab. If the shear moduli of the material is 4 x 1010 N/m2, then displacement of the upper edge, in meters is

    • 4 × 10-12

    • 4 × 10-10

    • 6 × 10-10

    • 6 × 10-12


    Two wires A and B of same material and of equal length with the radii in the ratio 1 : 2 are subjected to identical loads. If the lengthof A increases by 8 mm, then the  increase in length of B is

    • 2 mm

    • 4 mm

    • 8 mm

    • 16 mm


    A ball falling in a lake of depth 400 m has a decrease of 0.2% in its volume at the bottom. The bulk modulus of the material of the ball is (in Nm-2)

    • 9.8 × 109

    • 9.8 × 1010

    • 1.96 × 109

    • 9.8 × 1011


    A steel plate of size 6 cm x 6 cm is to be coated by a metal on both sides with a coating thickness of 0.1 mm by electrolysis. If the density and ece of the metal are respectively 10 g cm-3 and 0.001 gC-1 then the strength of the current to complete the process in one hour is

    • 1 A

    • 0.5 A

    • 6 A

    • 2 A