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Two concentric coils each of radius equal to 2 π cm are placed at right angles to each other. If 3A and 4A are the currents flowing through the two coils respectively. The magnetic induction (in Wb m-2) at the centre of the coils will be

  • 5 × 10-5

  • 12 × 10-5

  • 7 × 10-5

  • 10-5



Two coils have a mutual inductance 0.005 H. The current changes in the first coil according to the equation I = im sin ωt, where im = 10 A and ω = 100 rad s-1. The maximum value of the emf induced in the second coil is

  • π

  • 2π

  • 4π

  • 5π



Given,   μ = 0.005 H            Im = 10 A             ω = 100 π rad s-1            dIdt = d Im sin ωtdt            dIdt = Im ω cos ωt

For maximum value, cos ωt = 1

          dIdt = Imω                        ...... (i)

We know that maximum value of emf mnduced in second coil is

            e = μdIdt

From Eq.(i),

e = μ (Im ω)

e = 0.005 × 10 × 100 π

e = 5 π


A wheel with 10 spokes each of length L m is rotated with a uniform angular velocity ω in a plane normal to the magnetic field B. The emf induced between the axle and the rim of the wheel is

  • 12 NωBL2

  • 12 ωBL2

  • ωBL2

  • NωBL2


When 100 V DC is applied across a coil, a current of 1 A flows through it. When 100 V AC of50 Hz is applied to the same coil only 0.5 A flows. The inductance of the coil is

  • 5.5 mH

  • 0.55 mH

  • 55 mH

  • 0.55 H


An aluminium ring B faces an electromagnet A. The current I through A can be altered. Then which of the following statements is correct ?


  • If I decreases, A will repel B

  • Whether I increases or decreases, B will not experience any force

  • If I increases, A will repel B

  • If I increases, A will attract B