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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


The susceptibility of a ferromagnetic substance is

  • Zero

  • > 1

  • < 1

  • >> 1


A bar magnet is allowed to fall vertically through a copper coil placed in a horizontal plane. The magnet falls with a net acceleration, is


  • Zero

  • = g

  • < g

  • > g


Which of the following properties is 'False' for a bar magnet ?

  • It doesn't produce magnetic field.

  • Its like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

  • Its poles cannot be separated

  • It points in North-South direction when suspended.


A jet plane of wing span 20 m is travelling towards west at a speed of 400 ms-1. If the earth's total magnetic field is 4 × 10-4 T and the dip angle is 30°, at that place, then the voltage differences developed across the ends of the wing is

  • 0.8 V

  • 6.4 V

  • 3.2 V

  • 1.6 V


A superconductor exhibits perfect

  • ferromagnetism

  • ferrimagnetism

  • diamagnetism

  • paramagnetism


A magnet is dropped down an infinitely long vertical copper tube. Then

  • the magnet moves with continuously decreasing velocity and ultimately comes to rest.

  • the magnet moves with continuosly increasing velocity and ultimately acquires a constant terminal velocity.

  • the magnet moves with continuously increasing velocity and acceleration.

  • the magnet moves with continuosly increasing velocity but constant acceleration.


The variation of the intensity of magnetisation (I) with respect to the magnetising field (H) in a diamagnetic substance is described by the graph


  • OC

  • OD

  • OA

  • OB