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People living at sea level have around 5 million RBC per cubic millimeter of their blood whereas those living at an altitude of 5400 metres have around 8 million. This is because at high altitude:

  • people get pollution-free air to breathe and more oxygen is available

  • atmospheric O2 level is less and hence more RBCs are needed to absorb the required amount of O2 to survive

  • there is more UV radiation which enhances RBC production

  • there is more UV radiation which enhances RBC production



What will be the number of Calvin cycles to generate one molecule of hexose?

  • 4

  • 6

  • 8

  • 9


The respiratory centre in the brain is stimulated by

  • CO2 concentration in venous blood

  • O2 concentration in artery blood

  • CO2 concentration in artery blood

  • O2 concentration in venous blood


The vital capacity of lungs is equal to

  • 4000 ml

  • 5000 ml

  • 6000 ml

  • 7000 ml


Which of the following products are obtained by anaerobic respiration from yeast?

  • Alcohols

  • CO2

  • Beer and Wine

  • All of the above


Assertion : Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) originated in China.

Reason : China is the most populated country of the world.

  • If both Assertion and Reason are true and the reason is the correct explanation of the assertion

  • If both Assertion and Reason are true but the reason is not the correct explanation of the assertion

  • If Assertion is true statement but Reason is false

  • If both Assertion and Reason are false statements


The majority of carbon dioxide produced by our body cells is transported to the lungs

  • dissolved in the blood

  • as bircarbonates

  • as carbonates

  • as carbonates



During anaerobic conditions, the rate of glycolysis increases, is called

  • compensation point

  • extinction point

  • Warburg effect

  • Pasteur effect


In respiration from 180g of glucose which of the following is formed?

  • 264gm CO2 + 190gm H2O + 391 Kcal

  • 264gm CO2 + 108gm H2O + 686 Kcal

  • 390gm CO2+ 108gm H2O + 686 Kcal

  • 390gm CO2 + 264gm H2O + 391 Kcal


At high altitude, RBC's of human blood will

  • increase in number

  • decrease in number

  • decrease in size

  • increase in size