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The term genetic engineering is used for :

  • blotting technique

  • RNA reaction technique

  • protein synthesis technique

  • recombinant technique


Humulin is a :

  • form of chitin

  • human insulin

  • digestive enzyme

  • antibiotics


Genetically engineered human insulin is called

  • humulin

  • haematin

  • hybridoma

  • hybrid


Micro-organism which act as a vehicle for foreign gene transfer in higher plants

  • Agrobacterium

  • E. coli

  • T.M.V.

  • Bacillus anihracis


Assertion : "Rosie", the first transgenic cow, produced human protein-enriched milk.

Reason : The milk contained the human alpha­ for human babies than natural cow milk.

  • If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.

  • If both the assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

  • If assertion is true but reason is false.

  • If both the assertion and reason are false.


Which of the following pairs is correctly matched

  • Central dogma- Codon

  • Okazaki fragments - Splicing

  • RNA polymerase -RNA primer

  • Restriction enzymes - Genetic engineering


The substrate for photorespiration is :

  • glycolate

  • acetyl Co-A

  • pyruvic acid

  • glucose


Which is Indian dwarf wheat?

  • T. dicoccum

  • T. sphaerococcum

  • T. turgidum

  • T. aestivum


Cultivation of Bt cotton has been much in the news. The prefix Bt means

  • "Barium-treated" cotton seeds

  • "Bigger thread" variety of cotton with better tensile strength

  • produced by "biotechnology" using restriction enzymes and ligases 

  • carrying an endotoxin gene from Bacillus thuringienesis.


Restriction enzymes are used in genetic engineering, because they

  • can degrade harmful proteins

  • can join different DNA fragments

  • can cut DNA at specific base sequence

  • are nucleases that cut DNA at variable sites