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A conducting sphere of radius R = 20 cm is given by a charge Q = 16μC. What is E at centre?

  • 3.6×106 N/C

  • 1.8×10N/C

  • Zero

  • 0.9×106 N/C


Two charged spheres separated by a distance d exert some force (F) on each other. If they are immersed in a liquid of dielectric constant 4, then what is the force exerted, if all other conditions are same ?

  • 2F

  • 4F

  • F2

  • F4


In a discharge tube ionization of enclosed gas is produced due to collisions between

  • positive ions and neutral atoms/molecules

  • negative electrons and neutral atoms/molecules

  • photons and neutral atoms/molecules

  • photons and neutral atoms/molecules



A charge q is located at the centre of a cube. The electric flux through any face is

  • 4πq6 4πε0

  • πq64πε0

  • q64πε0

  • 2πq64πε0


Number of extra electrons in a body of charge -80μC, is

  • 80 × 1015

  • 80 × 10−15

  • 5 × 1014

  • 1.28 × 10−17


The figure shows three points A, B and C in a region of a uniform electric field E. The line AB is perpendicular and BC is parallel to the field lines. Then which of the following holds good?


  • VA = VB = VC

  • VA = VB > VC

  • VA = VB < VC

  • VA > VB = VC


Two spheres of radii R1 and R2 respectively are charged and joined by a wire. The ratio of the electric field of spheres is :

  • R22R12

  • R12R22

  • R2R1

  • R1R2


If an insulated non-conducting sphere of radius R has charge density ρ. The electric field at a distance r from the centre of sphere (r > R) will be

  • ρ R3εo

  • ρ rεo

  • ρ r3 εo

  • 3 ρ Rεo


Two parallel large thin metal sheets have equal surface charge densities ( σ = 26.4 × 10-12 C/m2 ) of opposite signs. The electric field between these sheets is

  • 1.5 N/C

  • 1.5 × 10-10 N/C

  • 3 N/C

  • 3 × 10-10 N/C 


The spatial distribution of the electric field due to two charges (A, B) is shown in figure. Which one of the following statements is correct?

  • A is +ve and +B is -ve and A > B

  • A is -ve and B is +ve; A = B

  • both are +ve but A > B

  • both are -ve but A > B