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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Two point charges + q and + 4q are located at x = O and x = L respectively. The location of a point on the x-axis at which the net electric field due to these two points charges is zero, is

  • L / 3

  • 2 L

  • 4 L

  • 8 L


If electric flux entering and leaving an enclosed surface is ϕ1 and ϕ2 respectively, the electric charge inside the enclosed surface will be

  • ϕ1 + ϕ2 ε0

  • ϕ2 - ϕ1 ε0

  • ϕ1 + ϕ2 / ε0

  • ϕ2 - ϕ1 / ε0


The electric field in a region is given by E = 4 i + 3 jV/m. The net flux passing through a square area of side 4 m parallel to y-z plane is

  • 32 V-m

  • 16 V-m

  • 12 V-m

  • 64 V-m


Two concentric conducting spherical shells A and B having radii rA and rB (rB > rA) are charged to QA and -QB QB > QA . The electric field along a line passing through the centre is

  • QB > QA


Two charged spheres separated by a distance d exert some force (F) on each other. If they are immersed in a liquid of dielectric constant 4, then what is the force exerted, if all other conditions are same ?

  • 2F

  • 4F

  • F2

  • F4


A charge q is located at the centre of a cube. The electric flux through any face is

  • 4πq6 4πε0

  • πq64πε0

  • q64πε0

  • 2πq64πε0


An electron enters uniform electric field maintained by parallel plates and of value E Vm-1 with a velocity v ms-1 , the plates are separated by a distance d metre, then acceleration of the electron in the field is

  • Eem

  • -Eem

  • Edm

  • Eedm


The electrostatic field due to a charged conductor just outside the conductor is 

  • zero and parallel to the surface at every point inside the conductor

  • zero and is normal to the surface at every point inside the conductor

  • parallel to the surface at every point and zero inside the conductor

  • normal to the surface at every point and zero inside the conductor


A point charge + q is placed at the midpoint of a cube of side a. The electric flux emerging from the cube is

  • zero

  • 3 qa2ε0

  • qε0

  • ε04qa2

 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


Write down the relation between tesla and gauss.