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The origin of kidney and ureter in Rana tigrina is :

  • all mesodermal

  • all endodermal

  • ectodermal and mesodermal

  • mesodermal and endodermal


Which of the following steroid sex hormone influenced secondary sex organs?

  • Progesterone

  • Oestrogen

  • LH

  • LTH


Progesterone is secreted by

  • Corpus luteum

  • Utreus

  • Placenta

  • Graafian follicle


Which one of the following statements with regard to embryonic development in humans is correct?

  • Cleavage divisions bring about considerable increase in the mass of protoplasm

  • In the second cleavage division, one of the two blastomeres usually divides a little sooner than the second

  • With more cleavage divisions, the resultant blastomeres become larger and large

  • Cleavage division results in a hollow ball of cells called morula


Which of the following is not a case of epimorphosis ?

  • Formation of sperms from small clumps of cells

  • Regeneration of tail in a lizard

  • Replacement of severed arm in starfish

  • Replacement of limb in salamander


A cross section at the midpoint of the middle piece of a human sperm will show

  • centriole, mitochondria and 9 + 2 arrangement of microtubules

  • centriole and mitochondria

  • mitochondria and 9 + 2 arrangement of microtubules

  • 9 + 2 arrangement of microtubules only


An oocyte is released from the ovary under the influence of LH 

  • after completing meiosis and before polar bodies are released

  • after completing meiosis I and before release of polar bodies

  • after completing meiosis

  • after completing meiosis I and after release of polar bodies.


The phase of menstrual cycle in humans that last for 7 - 8 days, is: 

  • follicular phase

  • ovulatory phase

  • luteal phase

  • menstruation


Which one of the following events is correctly matched with the time period in a normal menstrual cycle?

  • Release of egg: 5th day

  • Endometrium regenerates: 5 - 10 days

  • Endometrium secretes nutrients for implantation : 11 - 18 days

  • Rise in progesterone level : 1 - 15 days


Both corpus luteum and macula lutea are

  • found in human ovaries

  • a source of hormones

  • characterized by a yellow colour

  • contributory in maintaining pregnancy