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The osmotic pressure of blood is 8.21 atm at 37°C. How much glucose would be used for an injection that is at the same osmotic pressure as blood?

  • 22.17 gL-1

  • 58.14 gL-1

  • 61.26 gL-1

  • 75.43 gL-1


At equilibrium, the rate of dissolution of a solid solute in a volatile liquid solvent is

  • less than the rate of crystallisation

  • greater than the rate of crystallisation

  • equal to the rate of crytallisation

  • zero


Which of the following elements can be involved in  -  bonding?

  • Carbon

  • Nitrogen

  • Phosphorus

  • Boron


A number of elements available in earth's crust but most abundant elements are

  • Al and Fe

  • Al and Cu

  • Fe and Cu

  • Cu and Ag


The element which forms oxides in all oxidation states + 1 to + 5 is

  • nitrogen

  • phosphorus

  • arsenic

  • antimony


Which of the following is the increasing order of enthalpy of vaporization?

  • NH3, PH3, AsH3

  • AsH3, PH3 NH3

  • NH3, AsH3, PH3

  • PH3, AsH3, NH3


The rate of a gaseous reaction is given by the expression k[A] [B]. If the volume of the reaction vessel is suddenly reduced to 14 the initial volume, the reaction rate relating to original rate will be

  • 110

  • 18

  • 8

  • 16


For the process to occur under adiabatic conditions, the correct condition is

  • T = 0

  • p = 0

  • q = 0 

  • W = 0


32 O2(g) O3(g); Kp for this reaction is 2.47 x 10-29. At 298 K, rG° for conversion of oxygen to ozone will be

  • 100 kJ mol-1

  • 150 kJ mol-1

  • 163 kJ mol-1

  • 2303 kJ mol-1


Which one ofthe following statements about C2 molecule is wrong?

  • The bond order of C2 is 2.

  • In vapour phase, C2 molecule is diamagnetic.

  • Double bond in C2 molecule consists of both π- bonds because of the presence of 4es- in two π- molecular orbitals.

  • double bond in C2 molecule consists of one σ- bond and on π-bond.