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For inelastic collision between two spherical rigid bodies

  • the total kinetic energy is conserved

  • the total mechanical energy is not conserved

  • the linear momentum is not conserved

  • the linear momentum is conserved


For a satellite moving in an orbit around the earth, the ratio of kinetic energy to potential energy is

  • 2

  • 12

  • 12

  • 2


300 J of work is done in sliding a 2 kg block up an inclined plane of height 10 m. Taking g =10 m/s2, work done against friction is

  • 200J

  • 100 J

  • zero

  • 1000 J


A particle moves along a straight line OX. At a time t (in second) the distance x ( in metre ) of the particle from O is given by x = 40 + 12 t - t3 . How long would the particle travel before coming to rest?

  • 24 m

  • 40 m

  • 56 m

  • 16 m


A small disc of radius 2 cm is cut from a disc of radius 6 cm. If the distance between their centres is 3.2 cm, what is the shift in the centre of mass of the disc?

  • 0.4 cm

  • 2.4 cm

  • 1.8 cm

  • 1.2 cm


The displacement of particle is given by x = αo+ α1t2 - α2t23 .What is its acceleration?

  • 2α23

  • -2α23

  • α2

  • Zero



The area of the acceleration-displacement curve of a body gives

  • impulse

  • change in momentum per unit mass

  • change in KE per unit mass

  • total change in energy


change in KE per unit mass

Area of the acceleration-displacement curve gives change in KE per unit mass.

       12m v2 - u2 = F s = mdvdt × s change in KEMass  = mdvdt × sm       change in KEMass = dvdt ×s


The speed of earth's rotation about its axis is o. Its speed is increased to x times to make the effective acceleration due to gravity equal to zero at the equator. Then x is

  • 1

  • 8.5

  • 17

  • 34


A projectile is thrown in the upward direction making an angle of 60° with the horizontal direction with a velocity of 147 ms-1 Then the time after which its inclination with the horizontal is 45°, is

  • 15 s

  • 10.98 s

  • 5.49 s

  • 2.745 s


A motor cycle is going on an overbridge of radius R. The driver maintains a constant speed. As the motor cycle is ascending on the overbridge, the normal force on it

  • increases

  • decreases

  • remains the same

  • fluctuates erratically