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Breathing and Exchange of Gases

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Explain the different types of pulmonary volumes.

Different types of pulmonary volumes.

1. Tidal volume : It is the air normally inspired or expired. It is approx 500 ml.

2. Inspired reserve volume : It is the additional volume of air inspired with maximum possible effort after normal inspiration. It is approximately 2500 ml.

3. Inspiratory capacity (I.C.) : It is the total amount of air a person can inspire after a normal expiration.  It is the sum of tidal volume and inspiratory reserve volume. 

4. Expired reserve volume (ERV) : It is the amount of air expired with maximum possible effort after normal expiration. It is 1100 ml.

5. Vital capacity : It is the maximumvolume of air a person can breathe in after forced expiration or the maximum amount of air a person can breathe out after forced inspiration. It is the sum total of tidal volume, inspired reserve volume and expired reserve volume.

6. Residual volume (RV): It is the amount of  air left in the lungs after forcible expiration. It is 1100–1200 ml.

7. Functional residual volume : It is the amount of air left in lungs after normal expiration. FRV = ERV +RV.

8. Total lung capacity : It is the amount of air in lungs and respiratory tract after maximum inhalation effort. It is equal to the sum of vital capacity and the residual volume.

Total lung capacity = Vital capacity + Residual volume

9. Dead space : It is the space which contains a part of inspired air during inspiration and a part of expired air during expiration. 


Oxygen is carried by haemoglobin as?


Name the cavity having lungs.

Thoracic cavity.

70% of carbondioxide is transported as ?


By what amount the solubility of carbondioxide is more than the solubility of oxygen?

20 - 25 times

What is the partial pressure of oxygen in  oxygenated blood ?

95 mm Hg