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Motion in A Plane

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Physics Part I

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A car travelling at 60 km/h overtakes another car travelling at 42 km/hr. Assuming each car to be 5.0 m long, find the time taken during the overtaking and the total road distance used for the overtake? 

Total distance to be travelled  for overtaking the car = 5.0  +5.0 = 10. 0 m 

Relative velocity of first car w.r.t second car = 60 - 42 = 8 km/hr

     = 8 x 1000/ (60 x 60)

      = 50 m/s

Time taken, t = 10/5 = 2 s.

Road distance used for overtaking = distance travelled by first car in 2 s + length of first car

= [ 60 x 1000 / (60 x60)] x 2+ 5

= 38.33 m


What is a scalar quantity?

A physical quantity that requires only magnitude for its complete specification is called a scalar quantity.

Give three examples of vector quantities.

Force, impulse and momentum.

What are the basic characteristics that a quantity must possess so that it may be a vector quantity?

A quantity must possess the direction and must follow the vector axioms. Any quantity that follows the vector axioms are classified as vectors. 


Give three examples of scalar quantities.

Mass, temperature and energy

What is a vector quantity?

A physical quantity that requires direction along with magnitude, for its complete specification is called a vector quantity.