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Motion in A Plane

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Physics Part I

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Three girls skating on a circular ice ground of radius 200 m start from point P on the edge of the ground and reach a point Q diametrically opposite to P following different path as shown. What is the magnitude of displacement vector for each? For which girl is this equal to the actual length of path skate? 


Radius of the skating ground = 200 m 

The initial and final position of all grls are same. Hence, displacement of each girl is same. 

∴    Displacement equals PQ with rightwards arrow on top 

Magnitude of displacemnt is given by,

open vertical bar Displacement close vertical bar space equals space 2 space left parenthesis radius space of space track right parenthesis space equals space 400 straight m 

From the figure, girl B skates along the straight path PQ. Therefore, for girl B, the magnitude of displacement and distance will be equal. 

Give three examples of scalar quantities.

Mass, temperature and energy

What are the basic characteristics that a quantity must possess so that it may be a vector quantity?

A quantity must possess the direction and must follow the vector axioms. Any quantity that follows the vector axioms are classified as vectors. 


What is a scalar quantity?

A physical quantity that requires only magnitude for its complete specification is called a scalar quantity.

Give three examples of vector quantities.

Force, impulse and momentum.

What is a vector quantity?

A physical quantity that requires direction along with magnitude, for its complete specification is called a vector quantity.