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Choose the correct statement

  • A paramagnetic material tends to move from a strong magnetic field to weak magnetic field

  • A magnetic material is in the paramagnetic phase below its Curie temperature

  • The resultant magnetic moment in an atom of a diamagnetic substance is zero

  • Typical domain size of a ferromagnetic material is 1 nm


The angle of dip at a place is 37° and the vertical component of the earth's magnetic field is 6 x 10-5 T. The earth's magnetic field at this place is (tan 37° = 3/ 4)

  • 7 × 10-5 T

  • 6 × 10-5 T

  • 5 × 10-5 T

  • 10-4 T


Which one of the following characteristics is not associated with a ferromagnetic material ?

  • It is strongly attracted by a magnet

  • It tends to move from a region of strong magnetic field to a region of low magnetic field

  • Its origin is the spin of electrons

  • Above the Curie temperature, it exhibits paramagnetic properties


In a certain place, the horizontal component of magnetic field is 13 times to vertical component. The angle of dip at this place is

  • zero

  • π/3

  • π/2

  • π/6


A paramagnetic substance of susceptibility 3 x 10-4 is placed in a magnetic field of 4 x10 Am-1. Then the intensity of magnetization in the units of Am-1 is

  • 1.33 × 108

  • 0.75 × 10-8

  • 12 × 10-8

  • 14 × 10-8


At a temperature of 30°C, the susceptibility of a ferromagnetic material is found to be χ. Its susceptibility at 333°C is 

  • χ

  • 0.5 χ

  • 2 χ

  • 0.09 χ


The magnitude of the earth's magnetic field at a place is B0 and the angle of dip is δ. A horizontal conductor of length l lying magnetic north-south moves eastwards with a velocity v. The emf induced across the conductor is

  • zero

  • B0 lv sin δ

  • B0 lv

  • B0 lv cos δ


The examples of diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials are respectively

  • copper, aluminium, iron

  • aluminium, copper, iron

  • copper, iron, aluminium

  • aluminium, iron, copper


A small rod of bismuth is suspended freely between the poles of a strong electromagnet. It is found to arrange itself at right angles to the magnetic field. This observation establishes that bismuth is

  • diamagnetic

  • paramagnetic

  • ferro-magnetic

  • anti ferro-magnetic


The material used for permanent magnet has

  • low retentivity, high coercivity

  • high retentivity, low coercivity

  • high retentivity, high coercivity

  • low retentivity, low coercivity