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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


A transmitting station transmits radiowaves of wavelength 360 m. Calculate the inductance of coil required with a condenser of capacity 1.20 μF in the resonant circuit to receive them

  • 3.07×10-8 H

  • 2.07×10-8 H

  • 4.07×10-8 H

  • 6.07×10-8 H


A capacitor of capacitance  2μF is connected in the tank circuit of an oscillator oscillating with a frequency of 1 kHz. If the current flowing in the circuit is 2 mA, the voltage across the capacitor will be

  • 0.16 V

  • 0.32 V

  • 79.5 V

  • 159 V


The core used in transformer and other electromagnetic instruments is laminated, the reason is

  • to increase the electric field

  • to increase the magnetic field

  • to reduce the loss of energy due to eddy currents

  • to decrease the resistance


If in a circuit current lags behind EMF by  π2. Then it is a/an

  • resistor circuit

  • capacitor

  • inductor circuit

  • CR circuit


The peak value of alternating current is 52 ampere. The mean square value of current will be

  • 5 A

  • 2.5 A

  • 52 A

  • None of the above


An AC supply gives 30Vrms which is fed on a pure resistance of 10 ohm. the power dissipated in this is

  • 90watt

  • 45watt

  • 90.2watt

  • 180watt


Assertion: The quantity L/R  possesses dimension of time. 

Reason: To reduce the rate of increase of current through a solenoid, we should increase the time constant  ( L/R ).

  • If both the assertion and reason are true and reason is a correct explanation of assertion

  • If both assertion and reason are true but assertion is not correct explanation of the assertion

  • If the assertion is true but the reason is false.

  • If both assertion and reason are false.


A capacitor when charged by a potential difference of 200 volt, stores a charge of 0.1 C. By discharging, energy liberated by the capacitor is

  • -30 J

  • -15 J

  • 10 J

  • 20 J


If an ideal parallel LC circuit, the capacitor is changed by connecting it to a d.c source which is then disconnected. The current in the circuit 

  • becomes zero instantaneously

  • grows monotonically

  • decays monotonically

  • oscillates instantaneously


A coil having resistance of 50 ohm and an inductance of 10 ohm, is connected to a 100 volt battery. The energy stored in the coil is

  • 10 J

  • 20 J

  • 30 J

  • 40 J