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Physical Education


CBSE Class 12
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CBSE Physical Education 2017 Exam Questions

Short Answer Type


What is oxygen uptake?

The amount of oxygen which can be consumed by the working muscles from the blood.


Your grandmother feels that she has reduced her upper body flexibility and therefore she wants to test herself. Which test would you suggest to her?

Back Scratch Test.


State the common postural deformities.

i) Round shoulder.
ii) Spinal curvature.
a. Khyphosis
b. Lordosis
c. Scoliosis
iii) Knock-Knees
iv) Bow legs
v) Flat foot


What do you mean by food intolerance?

 Food intolerance means elements of food cannot be properly processed and absorbed by our digestive system. 


An object thrown into the space either horizontally or at an acute angle under the action of gravity is called a projectile. Name the two forces which act on a projectile.

i) Gravitational force 
ii) Air Resistance
iii)Initial velocity


What do you mean by body image?

Body image is how and what you feel about your body.


Name the motor development stages in children.

i)Infant   (0 to 2 years)
ii) Early Childhood   (2 to 6 years)
 iii) Middle Childhood (7 to 10 Years)
iv) Latter childhood (11 to 12 years)


Round-Robin Tournament is of two types. Name them and give one major difference between them.

There are two types of round robin tournament. 
i) Single league tournament.
  ii) Double league tournament.
i) In single league tournament every team plays with every other team once in its pool+ N(N-1) 2.
ii) In double league tournament every team plays with every other team twice in its pool N(N-1).


What is incision?

Incision is a soft tissue injury. It may occur due to sharp edged object of sports Equipments or spikes etc. Sometimes arteries or veins may be cut. Blood usually comes out freely from incision.


Define leadership.

Leadership may be defined as the quality of the person to lead others or direct others.

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