At Zigya we encourage curiosity, exploration and different approaches to learning. Conseqeuntly, Assignments can be created by anyone at Zigya and is not only restricted to a teacher or an educator. As a student, you can create an assignment and send it to your friends or even to yourself for doing an offline practice. 

Zigya is a intuitive platform that lets you create fresh assignments from existing assignments that you may have earlier created. This is a specially useful feature for teachers who spend long agonizing moments creating assignments for creating assignments every year for the same class. 

If you want to create a fresh assignment, click on the appropriate option. Enter the class that you would like to create an assignment for. Enter subject, book and chapter from which the assignment has to be created.
Choose questions by clicking on the '+' sign. 

Choose questions that you would like to include in your assignment by clicking on the '+' sign. Your question would be added in the assigment. You can change Question Type and choose questions. You can choose upto 50 questions across Books and chapters of a subject.

At any given point of time, if you want to view the types of questions and the numberof each type that has been included in your assignment, go to the area where the Total count being displayed. 

Clicking on a question displays the answer.

Zigya assignments can be whitelabelled. That means that you can use Zigya to churn out assignments for your school or coaching center. You can print the assignment with your organization name and logo as well as add a 'Submit by' date, absolutely free at Zigya. You can also group and re-arrange all questions of a particular type in any order that you desire.

Zigya assignments provide you with all the flexibility that you need in creating an assignment. 

You may finish your assignment for your students by either printing copies of it and handing it to your students or by saving it in your hard drive and mailing it to them from your own email ID. 

If you would like to include questions from another book or chapter, click on the finish icon to get the appropriate options. You can add different types of questions from different chapters/ books in a subject as long as they do not exceed 50 in number. 

When you are in the process of creating an assignment and need to leave your work for any reason whatsoever, your assignment is made available to you in the 'existing assignment' section. You can pick up the assignment at any time and continue your work on it. 

As you finish the assignment, you would get an option of whether you would like to print the assignment or save it. If you choose the print option, the document would get printed as per the system settings. 

While you are creating an assignment, at any point of time you can view the different types of questions that have been included in the assignment as well as the count of question in each of the Question Types. Hover your mouse over the total question count and you will get an indicator with the different Question Types and their respective numbers. 

Adding to or removing from an assignment is a one-click process in Zigya.

To include a question in an assignment, click on the '+' icon beside the question. Removing a question is as simple as clicking on the highlighted '+' icon.