Zigya has been a culmination of a multitude of resources. The effort has spanned about two years to launch and has meandered through a lot of aspects that have shaped the product into what it is today. Needless to say, each resource and experience has worked towards making the product better so that a quality solution is offered to you.

Apart from the company shareholders and service providers, who have been a beacon to the vision of the promoters and to the development work, Zigya has also had content researchers and writers who have added value by submitting curriculum based content. In that context, they have often used a variety of published material and textbooks for reference to aid them in their work. We are grateful to the publishers, authors and illustrators for enabling us to use their work as reference.

Our stringent guidelines assure us of use of any copyrighted material in our platform. Nevertheless, in case of any reservations on the content, public at large is encouraged to use the feedback option to intimate us of the nature of aberration and we shall undertake rectification to the best of our abilities.

Our content writers have made extensive use of a mathematical WYSIWYG editor provided by Maths for More, Barcelona, Spain in writing mathematical and scientifice formulae. We are thankful for their support in powering a critical component of the editor used. As a mark of gratitude, we encourage members to visit their site by clicking on their logo enclosed below.


Maths for More S.L.
TEL (+34) 932 804 805
[email protected]
[email protected]
Plaça Gal·la Placídia
1, Esc-A, Pis-15
08006 BarcelonaSpain
CIF: B 62019716