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Posts published in December 2015

Why you feel better on a full stomach

Abir Basak 1

Why you feel better on a full stomach If you are hungry and thirsty at the same time, what would you do? Will you have food first or water?  Thirst…

Indo-Japan: A Spiritual Connect

Nirbhay Dubey 0

History is a very interesting subject. It tells us so much about our civilization and others’. If you read it carefully, sometimes one can unravel very interesting facts about civilization…

Lightning Bolts!!

Princy P. John 0

 Lightning Bolts- Lightning is a mega electrostatic discharge that occurs in the clouds. For all those who think that the girl in the picture is just having a bad hair…

Genetics of Superhumans

Daksha Shah 0

Ever wondered why Superheroes are unique? What is it about Superman or Spiderman that makes them who they are?    So whether it is a spider sting or a chemical…