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Posts published by “Mohan Bala”

Mohan Bala is an explorer , experimenter and conceptual theorist obsessed with the question of 'how people learn' . He draws on rich personal experiences as a Head of Business & Operations, L & D, Corporate Trainer, Instructional Designer as well deep involvement in special projects around digital-learning and skill development, K-12. Mohan continues to be educated by his daughter on lateral approaches to learning.
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Understanding the Communication Gap

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The Communication Gap! Nature of Distortion In the field of telecommunication, it is axiomatic that no communication message passes un-distorted through a medium, even optic fibers. This is equally true of human…

The Hive Mind- Decision Making in Teams

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In the beginning Once upon a city, there was a residential colony with a 126 apartments. By this time in the march to progress, urban civilization had already advanced to…

Language, Learning and Mathematics

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Teaching math to children can be extremely exciting or brutally boring. However this experience is really in the hands of the instructor. When the student is unable to appreciate conventional methods, it;s time to get creative. Looking at mathematics as nothing more than a 'Language' can be an extremely useful way to breakthrough the early muddle.