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Dynamite Explosive

Rahul Kumar 0

Dynamite is a chemical explosive, which once ignited, burns extremely rapidly. This produces a large amount of hot gas in the process. Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite for the safety of construction work and blasting rock in the mid-1800s.  As the hot gas expands very rapidly and applies pressure to the casing it eventually combusts, causing an explosion.

It consisted of a flammable combustible liquid called Nitroglycerin and an absorbent material called Diatomite molded into sticks.

Dynamite is composed of two things: the first is Diatomite which is made of Silica, Alumina, and Iron Oxide.  The chemical composition is SiO2Al2O3Fe2O3. The second component is Nitroglycerin which is composed of C3H5N3O9.

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