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Group study – A boon or bane: Free NCERT Textbook Solutions

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The boards are so near. Covering  the vast sea of  syllabus seems to be a daunting  task. Worry not. Group studies can help you lessen your burden. But as we say every coin has two sides and so is the case with the group studies. Let us shed some light on the positive and the negative aspects of the group studies. Group Study
If you abide by the rules then, group studies can work wonders As students participate in  the discussion  more freely  without  aninhibitions,  and  this increases  their  confidence  as  welas knowledge. Group study is like sharing a lunch box among the friends, which is interesting as well as enjoying  to them. There will  a mutual transfer of  knowledge  among the friendsAs  this  is  an academic discussion, the concept or subject matter will be etched itheir minds. One person can prepare one topic while the other can prepare a different one. Then, the two can explain it to each other making  the concept clear  in  a short span of  time.  Moreover when one student explains  a concept to another, sometimes  using the free NCERT Textbook  Solutions available, he reinforces the concept for himselfStudying  is  useless  ithe knowledge  gained  cant be reproduced when required. Group studies substitutes the role of a teacher, your own friend can be your guide. While studying  in  a  group,  different  ideas  fuse  together  to  create  a  new  one.  It  alsenlarges  the perspective  of  the student and makes hi think out  of  the  box study group  is  beneficial intellectually but also emotionally, as students encourage each other to study. May be the fear of explaining will compel you to go  in depth of the topic and you will be well versed with it then.  It also gives you a chance to evolve your thought process and give a boost to your learning.


A study group onl works ieveryone does theipart. The  outcome is  generally  based on the weakest link rather than the strongest one. This means that,  if one student is  weak, his  presence may be detrimental to others. There are times when there is clash oviews and suddenly the calm and serene atmosphere turns into a loud and rowdy one making it difficult for everyone else to stay on track. An  unmotivated or  underprepared  group can turn into one long   gossip session. These arguments and pointless discussions may lead to waste otime and fruitless results. Studying in a group sometimes can work the other way, if someone explains< span style=”letter-spacing: -1.2pt;”> the topic incorrectly.


Thus a group study is  teamwork and requires  diligent  work by all the members. It  is  all up to the members whether you turn it into a boon or bane.

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