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Heritage city of Lucknow

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Situated on the northwestern shores of the Gomti River, and dating back to thousands of years, is the heritage city of Lucknow.

The city is an important hub of artistry and cultural diversity in the nation. 

It is traced thousands of years back to the Suryavanshi Dynasty. If age-old legends are to be believed, Lakshmana, who accompanied Lord Rama in exile, was the founder of the ancient city of Lucknow, which was built on and around an elevated piece of land near the Gomati River. Then, it was named Lakshmanpur.

Since the second half of the 18th century, Lucknow had flourished by leaps and bounds in all areas including poetry, music, dance, and others

The city witnessed many uprisings against the British Rule. However, Lucknow was made the capital of Uttar Pradesh after India gained independence in 1947.

Among the tourist attractions of Lucknow, Bara Imambara is a colossal edifice. Bara Imambara houses Asia’s largest hall without any additional support of beams or pillars.  

Lucknow is famous for various types of embroidery work. Chikankari, a 400-year-old embroidery art that is unique to Lucknow, the largest exporter of garments with Chikan embroidery.

Lucknow has a rich variety of cuisine that has been handed down from the time of Awadhi Nawabs.

The Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow is known for multiple varieties of biryani, kebab and bread. Shami Kebab, Galawati Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Seekh Kebab, and Ghutwa Kebab are some of the different flavors of Lucknow food.


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