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Fostering feedback is an incredible gimmick to transcend improvement, growth and development of the employees. But the catch, here is, that whether the feedback is positive or negative, it has to be served in an adorned plate to unveil maximum impact. Emphasizing that point, we are more than eager to facilitate you on how to improvise positive feedback. 

Are you ready? Then acquire the wily art of giving positive constructive feedback so as to enhance the productivity of your employees.

Feed yourself now!


A lady giving feedback at the machine.

Feedback alludes to the succinct response to the product, service, or a person’s task behaviour, etc. to beef up the behaviour. In simpler words, when you critically analyse something and provide reactions to it to balloon the scope of improvement- it is known as feedback.

As for anything can be good or bad, feedback can be positive or negative. While positive feedback scores appreciation, negative feedback opens up doors for betterment. All in all, prudently stated both types of feedback render prolific responses.

Now, do you want to know- how can you leverage positive feedback in an apt manner? Let’s learn how.



Food is best served hot; likewise, feedback makes the formidable impact when initiated immediately. Instead of waiting for quarterly or yearly review, focus on providing immediate feedback. The issues touch the zenith and accomplishments entrench reduction when you wait for quarterly review to give responses. 

As for if an employee has given a marvellous presentation, the best time for appreciation is there and then. For that will cause the employee to top-notch that bar (or at least maintain the same standard) for future endeavours.


“The reports could have been better “or “Your work is not up to the mark”- such vague feedback often leaves the employee in a state of whirl. He knows there are glitches, but isn’t firm as to where the problem persists. Under these circumstances, even if the employee hurls amendments, you may not be integrally satisfied with it.

By contrast, the blatant, crystal clear feedback, such as “the graphics were missing in the reports” or “you submitted the report two days post the deadline” will clear the air for the employee. He is well-aware of the glitches and will certainly try to negate such pitfalls in the offing. Therefore, be specific as to what you expect from the employee and support with suggestions.


An expereinced person giving feedback to a newbie.

 “To err is to human”. Yeah, people do make mistakes. But, there are two ways of reciprocating. One, you can let the anger do the talking. Or second, you can propel your point with a well-though balanced mind. Which one do you think is going to elicit positive respite? No doubt, the latter one, isn’t it?

Consequently, be empathetic when you are addressing any issue of an employee. An earful of trouble may land you in trouble as well. Therefore, instead of reprimanding, try to state the point as to what went wrong. Apprise him as to how can he beef up the matter for his benefit as well as for the cadence of the company.

Take for example, an employee has an excessively sick mother at home and hence, his work is not up to the mark. In such a predicament, be calm and offer him work from home with a promise to exemplify his productivity.


An inquisitive and innovative employee cut your talk in between the meeting, even if to raise some advancement. That behaviour irks you (obviously, it would). How can you handle that? Rebuking him in front of all the team mates will demoralise him to the core.

Anyhow, if you come at the issue in a private room, you can construe him. How? You can provide the conversational feedback somewhat like this- “I understand your passion for ingenuity and intrigue of ideas, and I believe it wasn’t your intention to cut-talk me, but it did give that impression in the meeting.” Make him realise how it belittles and negates your ideas, and so he should be more considerable with the sharing of ideas only when there is a pause.


Okay! So yeah a report didn’t match the mark and you want some changes. How will you iterate the point to an employee? Take it as a deliberation instead or reprimand. Both sit together and speculate over the glitches that could be upturned to weave a remarkable report.

In the discussion, you state some points; elicit some points from the employee. Convene both points to formulate worthwhile ideas. Ask that employee to induce the improvisations and submit the refined report again.


Positive feedback as well as negative feedback- both work wonders only if provided for separately. The interface of twin feedback will result in nothing more than a baffled mind and uncertain responses. Conglomeration will nullify the impact of both the feedback, leaving the employee off the path.

As a result, make sure to bestow each of the feedback in aloofness. Appreciation will have its own benefits, and negative feedback will pave the way for improvements, but only if granted single-handedly.

This brings the end of this Blog. Thanks for reading. We really appreciate your time.

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