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Breaking the seriousness and monotony of the office milieu, a single frog-like joke could alchemize and lighten up the whole atmosphere. If you are a fan of humor, then your best bet shouldn’t be to be humorous yourself, shouldn’t it? Humor does work wonders. Let me share a personal instance.

It was the first day of my new office. Due to Covid-19, we were working from home and had a zoom call meeting. I was all stressed up from top to bottom. While briefing up, my manager after sharing a not-so-secret-type secret asked me with a chuckle “Kisi ko bataoge to nahi na” (you won’t tell it to anybody, would you?). This trivia did break the ice and the stress decompressed. Not only it made me laugh at that moment, but I felt at ease throughout the rest of the meeting. 

Now, you see a trivial joke can work its charm to make things better. 

Do you too want to acquire this art of punchline at the workplace, then get ready to roll with me because in this article we will learn how to be humorous at the workplace.

But wait a sec! Before entering the world of humor, let’s get to know why humor is important in the first place in the workplace.


The image shows two people being humorous at the workplace

No doubt, work is a serious ethical realm that demands utmost sincerity and devotion, but tidbit humor in between the work would do us more good than harm. Don’t you agree? In the backdrop of serious monotony, a trivial frog joke could mellow down the whole atmosphere.

How would you feel if someone hurled a punchline to derail the monotonous melancholy of daily loads of work. Wouldn’t it render a burst of chucklesome laughter on your face, it would for sure!

Humor resonates with light-heartedness and transcends you to enjoy the moments of life. As long as the joke doesn’t cross the line to hurt someone’s sentiments; there is no flaw in humor or being humorous.

Believe it or not, but humor is ostensibly a key to success and productivity. Needless to say, humor is a potent stress buster, which further motivates people to even celebrate and enjoy work.

A tint of humor at the workplace separates us from the robots, which otherwise we may feel reminiscent of robots working 9-5. Making us human at heart, humor strengthens trust between colleagues and clients. Particularly, if you are humorous, colleagues find you more approachable.

Knowing the importance of being humorous, let’s learn how to be humorous at the workplace.


Being humorous is nothing short of a blessing. But if you are not humorous, no worries- learning humor is no rocket science. Anyone can be humorous with practice and a sense of timing. Now to make you humorous, here are some tips to leverage:


In a casual talk, when a person asks you a “yes or no” question with the firm belief of the expected answer- just say the opposite of it, and see the magic. For example, if a person asks you- “you must be excessively nervous before your first interview, isn’t it?” Say “No, my heart was dancing” and then give a chuckle. 

However, ensure not to use this technique in extremely casual situations such as discussion over weather conditions. 

2. RULE OF 3

This one is my personal favorite. It is a simple strategy where you weave a bubble of serious two similar things and the third bubble bursts as a complete opposite. For example, Your experience of your first trip to Goa must be exhilarating, enthusiastic, and more words starting with E” Stop laughing now and learn to practice it!



Enjoy every ounce of your life and whatever funny experience you undergo, share it with your colleagues at the right moment. One of the perks of telling real-life stories is that if it doesn’t qualify for humor and the humor runs flat; it at least has served the purpose of tory. That means even if nobody laughs over your story, you won’t find yourself in an awkward spot.


Humor is reminiscent of wit. You need to use your brains and sense of timing to be humourous. Or else, you can practice these simple tips to become humorous. Make sure your humor doesn’t turn out to be a spoiler or satire for someone. It should be a healthy joke just to make people laugh.

Being humorous can make you a more approachable, fun-to-be-around person and help you form strong interpersonal bonds at the workplace.

This brings the end of this Blog. Thanks for reading. We really appreciate your time.

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