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Whether being competitive is good or bad at the workplace? In all honestly, there is no specific answer to that questions. Then, how do you know? The answer lies in the circumstantial scenario and what you want to achieve through the competition. We will unwind the implications of being competitive one-by-one.

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Before jumping on to what should you do to be competitive, you must know what you ought not to do under the camouflage of competitiveness. Never, I repeat never be envious or jealous of your colleagues or friends for the appreciation they receive. Everyone runs their own race and possesses discreet abilities. Comparison and enviousness only end up in betrayal or unethical disposition causing adversities at the workplace.

The image shows two people running in a competitive manner.


Employee competition is an unavoidable aspect of most people’s working lives. Most of the companies leverage promotions, bonuses, and recognition to create a dynamic atmosphere for healthy competition at their workplace. Apparently, inducing competition through such practices is a great strategy to enhance productivity levels from the employees.

Contrariwise, it is an ethereal practice for the employee as well because they are ready to go that extra mile for some positive reinforcement. In the long run, they uptick their career curve in the right direction.


Companies put into practice another method to promulgate competition at the workplace. The technique involves public humiliation, being laid off, or waning income. These nefarious techniques hit the wrong nerves of the employees. Thus, pushing them to leverage unethical and unscrupulous practices to have their way out. After all, who would want public humiliation or having being laid off?

Those managers who use these negative reinforcements as signals to motivate their employees surely need to smell the coffee. Such reinforcements do nothing more than harm to the brains of the employees, rendering anxiety, fear, and substance abuse. Following this, the potential negative effects of getting behind lead to misselling, cheating, and deception of customers by the employees under the spell of competition.

Most certainly, nobody would benefit from some morbid practices of competitiveness that would lead to nowhere.


Healthy competition is evidently a good practice for any employee at the workplace. The best competition is with yourself doing better than what you did last time. Improving on your own track record is the best kind of competition that anyone must follow.

Two hands fisting in a competition on a table.

Regarding the competition at the workplace, the way the managers induce competition at the workplace is the determinant of enthusiasm or anxiety among the employees. Consequently, managers and leaders need to duly invest in the way they present competition at the workplace.

While highlighting the positive potential of competition such as recognition and rewards could yield benefits, the negative aspects of highlighting low-performance and skipped targets will result in inconsequentiality. Not only will it dwindle the company’s reputation, but also adversely affect the affective and cognitive domain of the employees.


Competition is no bad thing. Indeed, it’s sometimes the right push we need for the breakthrough. Moreover, competition can guide you through the right path to realize and cultivate your fullest potential, which you may have otherwise overlooked.  Hence, it is good to be competitive, but knowing the fact that competition doesn’t mean cutting somebody else’s ladder to push you through. Instead, winning competition alludes to building up your own ladder to reach the zenith.

Believe in yourself and success will follow!

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