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Over the years, the digital market and online platforms for businesses have opened the doors and extended the reach. Due to this, the competition has amplified exponentially. Now, customers have an ample amount of choices for a single product. That is to say, that is the customers are not satisfied and buy your products and services based on “what” of the product. Then what else is the deal-breaker question? The answer lies in the “why” of your services. “Why” are you selling your products and services? What is the story behind it? These are the game-players of digital words.

 Conceiving this, you have to discern- What is storytelling? Why do companies use storytelling? What are the components of storytelling? What makes a good story?

 In short, let’s enter the world of ingenious storytelling and find out what is in it there for you.


Storytelling is somewhat self-explanatory. In the simplest form, it alludes to telling stories. In a broader analysis, storytelling is the art and tradition of dictating stories to inform, convince, or sell something to the audience. Basically, it means to allure and engages the audience with the brand.

Stories use facts and narratives to grab the attention of the reader. While some of the stories could be factual, others are more ornamented and fabricated. 

In its quintessential sense, storytelling as an art form was begotten centuries ago. Innately, it had created space for itself in every culture or community. Why? Because stories may be woven with words, but they glimmer through emotions, feelings, and morals. Talking of which, it could be understood by people from diverse cultures irrespective of barriers.

As progressive as today, the outlook of storytelling has changed somewhat. Yet, the essence remains the same. Moving on, let us get to know why do we need storytelling in the contemporary world.

n opened book reminiscent of the art of storytelling


As stated earlier, stories are used by online competitors for selling, attracting, amusing, explaining, or boastinTHE MAGIC SPELL OF STORYTELLING THAT YOU NEEDg also. All things considered, there are various reasons for storytelling gaining prominence in the cut-throat competitive world.


The clientele decision excites upon the emotional connect, rather than mere product value. According to various researches, emotional value is the driving force behind any purchase of a brand product. 

While the specifications and features may be enlisted as a part of the product description, to get the audience into action-storytelling plays a major role.

Weaving stories around the corner makes the people feel more connected and engaged. Thus, magnifying the chances of tapping the purchase button.


Not everyone knows about every new notion. Conceptualization tends to become a bore and monotonous with reading. Yet magic spell of storytelling makes the concepts easy and fun to grasp. In schools, teachers often practice storytelling to make complex concepts clear to the kids. Retention is another advantage of storytelling.

Likewise, the business market works on the same platform. An example would be smartphones with unfathomable concepts, which may be beyond recognition for a layman. Thus, concept clarion to common man, brands like apple and one plus take a grip at storytelling.


Globalization has succinct the diverse humongous world. Of late, a business has customers all over the world. But people have diversified languages, cultures, and communities.

Then how can a brand adhere to all its customers? Simply, through the art of storytelling, they can bridge the gaps. Thus, connecting and engaging clientele from all over the world.

shared stories written on a book


As stated earlier, storytelling is an art that pre-requisite vision, visualization, and skill to come into effect. Entering the storytelling process, you will know about the various components that build up a story. These include:


As everyone knows, a story revolves around certain characters. Through the character emblem, you should be able to build a connection with the customer. The moral character is the linking wire between you and the customer. If you can convince the client to pursue the steps of character, you can persuade him towards the call-to-action.


Conflict is the essence of the story. It adds up spice and makes a story. The challenge upbeats the customers and elicits emotions through relatable backgrounds. Overcoming the problem is profound and acts as a positive reinforcement for the reader.


There is a wrap-up or end to every story. You can’t culminate the story up in the air. Readers expect a moral or ethic attached to it that plods them to action. Namely, that wrap-up pushes the readers to hit the Call-to-Action(CTA) button.


A good story is prepared, keeping in mind the buyer persona. Why? Because the storytelling intends to motivate and engage the customers with the brand. In accordance with customer retention, a few features that make the story glimmer in the eyes of the readers are:

PLEASANT AND ENTERTAINING: Compelling stories keep the reader busy and curious about what entails in the offing.

KNOWLEDGEABLE AND EDUCATIONAL: Great stories spark interest and contribute to the information bank of the reader.

UBIQUITOUS AND UNIVERSAL: For all readers, genuine stories are correlated and interrelated. They tap into the feelings and perceptions that people encounter throughout their lives.

WELL-ORGANIZED: Good stories follow a coherent organization that helps to communicate the chief message of the brand. Moreover, it helps the readers to absorb and retain their morals.

REMARKABLE AND MEMORABLE: Good stories remain in the memory of

the reader, whether by motivation, contention, or satire.

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