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Making Good Study Notes: Free NCERT Textbook Solutions

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When exams are around the corner, the alarm bells start ringing. The notes that we prepare during classroom lectures are one of  the most important elements in the preparation of  exams.  Be it the class notes, textbook notes or digital  notes; a well-organized  and  fairly well written  notes play a crucial  role.  Time  suddenly  becomes a rare commodity,  so  reducing mass amount of  information and summarizing  key  points  helps us to understand and focus better. Every individual  is  different, and so are the understanding  capabilities.  Hence, understanding  one’s own  brain  is  the key  to achieve the dream grades.
Study Notes
Proper preparation  prevents  poor performance. It’s  a  life lesson,  a lesson that every successful individual has embraced .The key to achieving that top grade you have always wanted is to have a good plan. Good notes are easily understandable, revisable, time saving, highlight key  points of refreshers and study guides, and contain collective information of textbooks and lecture. It is a skill that has to be developed by all students.

Let’s figure out some art of note making:

• Know  your syllabus well rather than having a vague idea. One needs to know what all topics you need to be covered for  the exam. Read your textbooks well so that  you have a general idea of the topics and sub-topics.
• Organization of the content can be carried out in conjunction with the first step. Segregate your notes in  topics,  sub-topics,  and sub-sub  topics.  Make flow  charts to have a better picture of the content.
• Before you start summarizing, start by adding to the margin, clarification to the content. Use margins  of   your notebook  to  note  some  main  points  and  keywords in  the  text. The advantage of this method is that it is more visual and allow for the imposition of structure.
• Refer to the Free NCERT textbook solutions that are available online along with your notes for a more comprehensive learning.
• The  most  important   characteristics   of   study notes  that  students  must  bear  in   mind   are thoroughness and accuracy.  This means writing  any information  in  their  study notes that they don’t really  understand  should be avoided. Make sure every piece of  information  in  the notes is correct.
• Making awesome study notes  will  reduce student’s  stress  also eliminate  confusion  and anxiety over what to do next or how to study. It will make student feel  as though they are actually accomplishing what they need to accomplish.
Awesome study notes makes learning process a breeze rather than a storm. 

Daksha Shah

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