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Rontgen Radiation

Daksha Shah 0

X – rays, discovered by German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen are electromagnectic waves with wavelength range 0.1 ‎Å – 100 ‎Å


Facts on X-Ray


  1. The discovery of X-rays was an accidental discovery while doing research on cathode rays. 

  2. X-rays can easily pass through the soft tissues of our body. They cannot pass through our bones, due to their dense calcium deposits. Thus the bones block the x-rays.

  3. X-rays have been extremely beneficial in diagnosing defects and ailments related to bones

  4. X-rays are also emitted naturally in space, the primary source being galaxies and stars. The remnants of Crab nebula and other such supernovae emit strong X-rays.

  5. X-rays are used in the treatment of various dreadful ailments like cancer, fracture, tumors etc, by passing intense radiation through the affected part and taking the image.



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