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5 Ways to Study Smart to Score 90+ in Class 10 Board Exam

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A smart study is a key to success in Class 10 Board Exam. To study well is to imbibe the knowledge that is being provided to you. By studying in a smarter way a student can obtain good marks in examinations and excel at his/her stream or area of study.

There is a vast amount of offline and online study material available for CBSE NCERT solutions for class 10 and all other boards. It might seem a challenging thing to do but definitely doable when you are determined to do it. Students often forget that studying smart is more important than studying hard. Mentioned underneath are a few ways in which you can switch to regularly study and do it the smart way.

Regular Classes helps you to score 90+ in Class 10 Board Exam

It is important to understand that skipping of classes cannot help you to grasp your subject. One needs to be regular to the classes of the subjects. Listen to the explanations that your teachers give you in the class, question them if you have any doubts. Clarifying your doubts then and there will help you learn more and that is only possible if you attend the classes regularly. The dates of assignment submissions and test are supposed to be noted down so that there can be planning for the said events. You should plan well in advance for these events so that you can prepare well for them.

Making Notes

Make notes of what you have studied. Colour-code the key elements and organize them properly. Notes help you give an insight into the subject. They are a good way of remembering and can be extremely useful when you revise, which is recommended as it doesn’t let, whatever you have learned, slip away.

Group Study

 It’s always pleasant and joyous to study with a small group of friends over snacks and tea. Group studies can boost your rate of learning. You get to have a different and wider perspective on your subject. You will have a social life, too. Besides, teaching your contemporaries and learning from them seems comparatively easier to hold on to.

Solving Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 helps you to score better marks in Class 10 board exam. In a group study, it is always easier to find multiple solutions of a single question.

Stay Healthy

One cannot have a healthy performance in the examinations unless one’s body and mind are healthy. The students must eat well, exercise, play and interact with people within their social circle. Unless you are mentally and physically healthy, you cannot focus on your studies. Go out, have fun, talk to people, it will add to your ability to study well. Eat healthily, as your food plays a good role in deciding your well being. Exercise and play, your body will remain active. Remember, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’


Being positive solves so many problems we had only because of our negative thinking. Stay positive about your performance in the examinations, your preparations and learning. Study your subjects with the utmost enthusiasm and zeal. Stay confident of yourself and trust your instincts while answering during an exam. Keep telling yourself that you will excel at the examinations and other positive affirmations. You will surely do well and shine brightly.

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