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SSC CGL Preparation Tips

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SSC CGL Preparation Tips by Toppers

It cannot be gainsaid that, In the last few years, SSC CGL Exam has become one of the most popular and prestigious exams, conducted every year at different levels for government job seeker. Most of the students start getting jitters before the exam mainly in the last week of the exam. As the right mindset is crucial, especially in last week, students are required to control their excitement and nervousness and adopt a subtle approach which is required to achieve success. And no doubt, the right mindset makes the difference between success and failure. They can learn the lesson from the ex-toppers of the SSC CGL Exam and can use SSC CGL Preparation Tips by Toppers:

How many Candidates appeared for SSC CGL 2012

How many Candidates appeared for SSC CGL 2013

How many Candidates appeared for SSC CGL 2014

How many Candidates appeared for SSC CGL 2015

How many Candidates appeared for SSC CGL 2016

How many Candidates appeared for SSC CGL 2017

Statistical Data of Last 5 Year SSC CGL Candidates Data:

Total Candidates Who Applied Total Candidates Who Appeared in Exam Posts Offered
2012 11,16,743 19000
2013 12,12,429 15146
2014 1,038,048 13,01,391 15,549
2015 3.804 Million 17,86,047 8564
2016 3.8 Million 14,25,234 9984
2017 30,26,598 15,43,962

From the above data, we can culminate that Competition has been increasing every year and ultimately, is creating pressures among the students.

Key Points on SSC CGL Last Time Preparation Tips:

Revision: One of the most fundamental points to get success in any exam. Go through your notes and all basics in the last week of the exam, Avoid learning new concepts in the last few days.

Confidence: Anything you imagine can be real, If you imagine, your name in the cuts-off on top and you have faith in yourself and you will be able to get through.

Time Management: It is a very crucial factor from exam point of view. Scores of students get failed to apply this principle in live exam. Sometimes, they spend too much time on a single question, you should utilize your time well.

Avoid Stress: Stress Management is equally important, as time management to succeed in the exam. Take proper diet, ample sleep and perform some yoga and meditation in the last week of an exam.

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