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SSC CGL previous year papers

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SSC CGL Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

Students can easily access all ssc cgl previous year papers with detailed solutions and they can download them as well in PDF form. Approaching last year papers is of utmost importance before going to attempt any exams of SSC. It gives a student invaluable aid. Zigya gives you a platform where you can simultaneously study, practice and share all important questions based on the latest exam pattern.

Previous year Questions of English For SSC CGL.

Previous year Questions of Quantitative Aptitude For SSC CGL.

Previous year Questions of Reasoning For SSC CGL.

Previous year Questions of General Awareness for SSC CGL.

Advantages of Solving SSC CGL Previous year Papers:

  1. Familiar with exam pattern: As you start practising previous year paper you get acquainted with an exam pattern and ultimately it opens your mind.
  2. Boost your Confidence: It really helps you to boost your confidence as once you get a grip on previous year papers, you become able to adjust yourself with an exam pattern. It inculcates a positive feeling inside you, which you require the most before approaching the exam.
  3. Use for Revision: There are so many ways to check your preparation level and attempting ssc cgl previous year papers is one of them. You can get an idea of relevant questions being asked on a particular topic.

How to Extract maximum from SSC CGL Previous Year Question Papers:

  1. Practice at least 5 to 10 papers: Just reading and see the exam paper pattern is not enough, you are required to move a step ahead and must solve at least 10 papers of each section.
  2. Time Management: As you are going to sit in one of the most approachable exams, in such a cut-throat competition you are required to learn a skill to manage the time. As you are not going to get a single second more, So, you should try to attempt these papers for practice, like a real exam, avoid taking breaks while attempting these papers.
  3. Performance Analysis: As you keep going on these papers, you will really be able to find your weak and strong points. Just track it and make a subtle approach to improve yourself.
  4. Track Changing Trends: As you move on to solving each year paper, day-by-day, have a close eye on what kind of questions are being asked and what are not. Which chapters are more important in terms of repetition of questions or on no of questions. Like maybe in one exam: You can see more questions from geometry, while in other exams, you can see lesser questions from geometry. There is no such fixed pattern.
  5. Aware of the syllabus: Students must know their SSC CGL exam syllabus properly, As in some of the previous year papers, you’ll see, questions are not being asked from one or more chapters, but it does not mean that those chapters are not in the syllabus. So, it is very important to know your entire course.

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