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How to Tame Physics in Board exams?

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Is physics being harsh on you? Here are some simple steps, if followed diligently will help you ace the Physics examinations.

Make a blueprint of the syllabus with weightage of each chapter. Marks allotted to each chapter will help you to prioritize the chapters while studying. Topics having more weightage should be studied in depth.

Read the textbooks prescribed by the Schools and underline important lines in textbooks for an after reference. Practice the previous year exam papers of physics 2016 NEET for examination like boards and NEET.Underlining is important, because when you are done with the chapter just go through the underlined sentences to get the main gist of the chapter.

Divide your note making session into parts. That is,

(1) Important Formula section,

(2) Important derivation section,

(3) Short answer type questions,

(4) Long answer type questions and

(5) Graphs important from exam point of view.

  • Make a formulae sheet and paste it on that part of the room which catches your attention. Looking at it over and over again will help you memorise the formula.
  • Derivation needs to be practised over and over again to avoid a blackout in the examination hall. Understand the basic concepts, and the steps of the derivation will follow.
  • Practice short answer type questions and long answer questions from well-sorted sample papers. Short answer questions are usually High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) or conceptual questions. Practising these questions makes you well versed with the concepts.
  • Never undermine the importance of graphs. A graph helps one to learn intricate things faster. The graph helps you to remember the parameters that are changing in a physical process, sticking in your mind well.
  1. Solve last 5-year papers: Solving last year physics board exam paper helps you lot in terms of mapping of your subject. It gives you clear pattern about the subject and its important questions. List down the important question which has been asked frequently in board papers.
  1. Problem Solving: We all are familiar with the hordes of ‘end of chapter’ exercises given in the textbook. Solving these sometimes very difficult problems can be a nightmare for the students. Class 11 Physics problems are a level up difficult as compared to Class 12 Physics. For a student in CBSE board, CBSE class 11 Physics NCERT solutions are provided on the internet by various educational sites. Solutions like this which are provided on a public platform is a relief for the students. Every student or teacher who has taken up Physics understands the emphasis on problem-solving. The process by which the field of Physics Research is advanced, problem-solving plays an important role. Problems derived from the real life should be often given in assignments. This would enable the students to sit and think upon the how the possible solutions can be found out. And, many a times students do come out victoriously.

Rahul Kumar

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