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The Power Of Love

Nitesh Mittal 0

If you are one of the lucky ones (and I hope you are), you would have been in love sometime in your life. 

Chances are that you would have spent endless hours doodling the picture above in its various shapes and shades. The shape would have figured in your notebooks, walls, cards, letters, body parts ….. 
Oh! and for the Gen Z, as the emoticons. 
Being in love is the most wonderful thing that can happen to anybody. 
Well, almost. Actually I would trade that for the wealth and virility of Hugh Hefner any day….and the mansion along with it…..and the occupants. 
Just kidding. Love is actually a pretty nice thing to be in. If you haven’t, I would recommend it from the bottom of my heart. No puns here. 
Its when realities get severely distorted, brings out the best in us and is enriching and fulfilling. It increases you heart rate, gives you a glow and makes you do all sorts of nice & crazy things.
Anyway, before you start forming an opinion on this post (and I hope that you haven’t already), this post is not really about the amorous aspects at all. 
Nope, we are just about done with all the talk about love. 
What we would like to focus on instead is on a intriguing fact associated with the heart. 

Do you know what it is? 



Well, Its the shape.
This classic heart shape can actually be plotted as a graph. Yes, on a graph paper. Much like this. 

Now isn’t that cool? 

Did you even think that Mr. Cupid would have had the foggiest that he, after all, was in the pursuit of a mathematical interpretation? 
So here lies the paradox. While love is probably the last thing on this planet that is rational, the expression is however the progeny of….above all,

 An equation.

Did you know that the shape of the heart actually has its own equation?
Would you like to know what this equation looks like? 
I bet you do. 
It is not a complicated one at that and you can try it at any of the online graphing sites. 
The equation is what is known as a quadratic equation. 

(and you thought Maths was boring)

Enough Said….
The equation that gives you the heart shape is. 
Try this out yourself. 
And from today have another way to express your love. 

Nitesh Mittal

Nitesh is a graduate from the prestigious Delhi University and manages the content syndication and oversees quality control. His subtle wit and skills are much like a Ninja warrior, who is not seen or heard but felt. Nitesh is the bedrock in the editorial team and is a veteran at Zigya. Join him at

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