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Assam is the first state implement GST (Goods & Service Tax) -Time to Study

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Assam is the first state implement GST (Goods & Service Tax) in Education.

Now the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) is the first board which has included GST in their board curriculum in Economics subject.

Those who are going to opt for Economics as one of the subjects has to face questions on the GST (Goods & Service Tax).

From now on, a chapter on basics of GST will be introduced in the macroeconomics section of the curriculum for higher secondary second-year economics students.

Hiranya Kumar Nath, economics professor, Sam Houston State University, US, has prepared the chapter on GST.

The students, who are going to appear in the higher secondary second year (+2) examination this year, are likely to answer five to ten marks based questions on GST in their examinations.

It may be 2marks, 5marks or 10marks based question. How many questions are going to come in the paper? This kind of chaos may arise among students.

The introduction of the chapter on GST is not only to encourage the students to get a thorough idea and knowledge on GST but also to clear the confusion over GST that prevails among the common people of the state.

This is the best practice to let the young generation of India know what actually government made and what are the motives behind this implementation? How the people get benefitted from these changes.

These changes in the curriculum may bring up revolution in future.

The students will be prepared to learn about the new amendments to the constitution.

This type of practice will keep young generation up to date with the changes coming under the constitution.

Manish mahajan

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