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Top Educational Aids That are Proven to be Helpful

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Educational Aids Proven to be Helpful

The board year is a stressful year. The student has so much to study and so less time. Well, anxiety is very natural. With the pile of books and the heap of syllabus, it seems to be a herculean task to study everything. The question is what can you do to lessen the burden?

Smart study can prove to be the solution to this problem. For this, you can take the help of the different educational aids. Here are a few aids that will help you with your studies.

Notes – Notes come in handy when you have less time. Moreover, their brief nature does not overload your already stressed brain.  Reading the whole chapter requires a lot of time, but going through the notes can save time and you will have more time to cover the other topics as well. Get use to the habit of making notes. While jotting down the important points your cognitive skills are active and you grab more information. Recapitulating what you had written fortifies the information further. You can use a highlighter to make the important formulae or theorem more prominent.  

Online material – With the advent of E-learning things have become much easier. Make the most use of this aid. There are different Open educational resources which provide study material. Not only do they provide a well-explained solution to the textbook questions but also provide the extra knowledge too. You can look for explanation and solutions of the question if you get stuck at one. Besides the easily available content for subjects like Physics, chemistry, maths and biology, there are some portals which provide content like cbse notes for class 10 social science.  Use these to take down important material for your notes. 

Videos – YouTube and many e-learning websites have a whole range of animated or explanatory videos about different topics. These videos are a fun way to learn complex things. Some videos also have lectures from eminent professors of the elite institutes. The icing on the cake being that they are mostly free.

Mnemonics – Mnemonics are the best way to learn things quickly. The retention rate of these is very high. If you remember the Mnemonic “My Very Educated Mother Jus Showed Us Nine Planets” the famous mnemonic for remembering the name and sequence of the nine planets. We learnt that in the primary classes, but still remember it clearly. Such is the power of mnemonics. They help you to remember the information in a unique way which gets etched in your memory. Try to look for some mnemonics for different topics like there are some for the various groups of the periodic table, for resistance, for the trigonometrical terms etc. Write them down on a sticky note and paste them where you can see them on a daily basis.

Cheat sheets – These are certain books and websites which summarize the whole chapter into very less content. They provide you with the important points like differences, theorems, formulae, complex reactions, a flowchart for different processes etc. With these, you will not have to leaf through the whole book for that important thing or term that you forgot. You can also make the best use of this resource to make good notes.

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar is a member of Zigya's Science channel and oversees Chemistry as a subject. He has completed his Masters of Science in Chemistry from Punjab University. Rahul is always full of ideas and brings with him, the enthusiasm and charm to get people involved in them. Follow his work at

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