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The Tree that Bleeds

Daksha Shah 6

Do you think that only animals bleed? If your answer is yes, then think again. Plants also bleed. There is a tree which bleeds when cut.

It is popularly known as the 'Bloowood Tree' for the tree’s remarkable dark red coloured sap.

Scientifically the tree is called Pterocarpus angolensis. It is a kind of teak found in Southern Africa, known by various names such as Kiaat, Mukwa, and Muninga.

A chopped trunk or a damaged branch of the tree starts dripping deep red fluid, almost like a severed limb of an animal. The sticky, reddish-brown sap seals the wound to promote healing.

The red sap is used traditionally as a dye or in cosmetics. It is also believed to have magical properties for the curing of problems concerning blood, apparently because of its close resemblance to blood

The tree is also used for treating many medical conditions such as eye problems, malaria, blackwater fever, stomach problems etc.

Daksha Shah

Daksha is an integral part of the editorial team at Zigya. Armed with a B.Tech degree, she oversees content quality assurance for Biology. Her subtle wit, observation skills and agile demeanour bring the buzz in the editorial team and ensures meeting stiff deadlines. An astute blogger, when not working Daksha prefers to spend her time with her canine companion, Spiky. Follow her work at

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