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Way to Score in Biology

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Biology or life science has many diagrams. Diagrams are an important part of the biology exams. The students are required to express their subject knowledge and understand the subject through diagrams. A well labelled and neat diagram can get you good grades. The section of the board papers usually has one or two questions which ask you to draw well-labelled diagrams. Therefore, if you are aiming for a perfect score then you need to have a strong grasp on the diagrams.

Drawing and analysis require perception on the part of the students and important part in the textbooks of biology.

Biology includes multiple image and diagrams in any report, presentation or text. Diagrams play a key role in biology as they display particular phenomena in various levels of details.

Usually, the students do not pay heed to learn the diagrams, as they think that theoretical knowledge is all they need. But, if you look at the previous year papers, you will find out that the diagrams hold importance too.

Here are tips on how to learn diagrams and secure your grades in the biology board exams.

Here is a list of the important diagrams for Class 10 Biology

  1. Neuron
  2. Brain
  3. Reflex Arc
  4. Endocrine Glands In Human Beings- Male
  5. Endocrine Glands In Human Beings- Female
  6. Nephron
  7. Internal Structure Of Heart
  8. Human Respiratory System
  9. Human Digestive System
  10. Cross Section Of A Leaf
  11. Structure of stomata
  12. Nutrition In Amoeba
  13. Longitudinal Section (LS) Of A Flower
  14. Germination Of Pollen On Stigma

Students should make sure that they have prepared these well and have a good grip on them.

Practice is the best way to learn the diagrams. Try to practice the important diagrams along with the labels from time to time. Start by drawing them in your notebook with the textbook open and then work on drawing them without seeing them.

Labelling is as important as the diagram.  A well-drawn diagram will not get you good grades if you do not label it properly. Ask your teacher if there is any rule or convention for labelling, sometimes all the labels should be on one particular side.

Try and keep the diagram neat and tidy. Do not overwrite and do not rub the diagrams again and again. Even if you are not good at drawing, drawing a neat well-labelled diagram will ensure the grades. 

Use pencil for drawing the diagram, so that you can make a correction if needed. Use a dark and well-sharpened pencil for labelling and make that handwriting is legible to the examiner. Try to avoid using a pen.

Solve the question in the NCERT textbook thoroughly. Usually, all the important diagrams are covered up in those questions. Try solving the previous year paper like biology cbse paper 2016.  You will come to know which diagrams hold importance.  Practice solving the previous year papers. Doing this you will not only know the important theoretical questions but also the diagrams have been asked repeatedly.

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