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Five Ways of Improving Memorization Capacity

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Improving Memorization Capacity

It was a pre-conceived notion that the brain function peaked during adulthood. But, this notion slowly declined as a result of more and more people having lapses of memory and brain fog during the golden years. The modern lifestyle that we are getting used to is playing a significant role in contributing to cognitive decline. Factors like exposure to chemical toxins, poor diet, sleep deprivation, piling up of stress and anxiety etc. can hinder the functioning of an individual’s brain. Studies are devoid of tests, examinations and at the heat of the moment, you tend to forget what you studied last night.

Here we list some methods on how to improvise and boost your memory:

  • Auditory learning: We tend to remember more what we hear in conversations or lectures. Try taping the lectures so that you can hear it later when you will be studying. Hearing the information again will help you to fill in the gap in your notes and also will let you retain the information at a later stage. One can also try replacing the lyrics of your favourite songs with the information that have to learn.
  • Highlight the information colours with: The information or content that you think is important must be highlighted with a colourful highlighter and write the information down on a matching colour post. This will help you to cement this color-coded information in your mind. One you jotted the information down you can post this to a place where you frequently visit. Highlighting the topics of cbse textbook study material of class 10 and 12 also helps in fast recovery of information when searching for the important key points again.
  • Elements of visual learning: Write down the information on flash cards and post it in your room. Usually, the brain loves seeing colours and pictures. So, draw diagrams and graphs with colourful pens. Let your imaginations run wild and draw out the information into pictures. 
  • Avoid multitasking while studying: Researches have proved that we need approximately about 8 seconds to commit a piece of information to our memory. That is multitasking may actually slow you down and make you prone to doing errors and being forgetful. While doing an activity one should be mindful which will help you to achieve undistracted focus. In order to avoid distractions, one can have a 10 to 15 minutes of a meditation session, rejuvenating your mind at the end of the day.
  • Eat healthy: The foods we intake play a crucial role in boosting our memory. Having a right proportion of diet is very important for the brains to function properly. Include fresh green vegetables and fruits, pulses, fish, milk in your diet. The omega-3 fats present in fish is very beneficial for the brain health.

Rahul Kumar

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