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Life is a complex ensemble of emotions- from joy to gloom, irks to enthusiasm, anxiety to prowess. One of the emotions clamor us at any given point in time and, by and large, influence our disposition. While it is a magical thing that we are able to have felt these emotions, albeit, at times in a fit of these emotions, we do things that we regret later. Oh! Common! Now stop ruminating about such woeful experiences. All of it is in the past! However, you can definitely avert any more unpleasant situations with the help of emotional management strategies. 

Now, what on Earth are emotional management strategies?


There is the thing- emotions strike spontaneously, and just so you know- you can’t control what you feel. Nevertheless, you can’t command how you react to it. As they say, life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. It goes without saying that your reaction is the determinant of what will happen next.

Here comes- the emotional management strategies that empower you to regulate and manage your emotions. Can’t wait to learn them and become emotionally well-balanced in life? Okay, so here we take the roll!


Let the emotions take a back, and the mind do the working. Learn these 5 emotional management strategies.


Pause and deep breathe is one of the best emotional management strategies

Whenever you face a deluge of an unsolicited emotion, procrastinate the rush action. How? As simple as it sounds, click a pause button, take deep breathes on the count of three, five, or ten.

Don’t think I am advising you to suppress your feelings, no, not at all! I am simply recommending to take a short respite and give yourself the time you need to analyze the situation.

Once you are in full conformity with your emotion and the circumstance, you are in a better position to manage things well.


Think of it like this, a person close to your heart has all of a sudden started overlooking you. You text them, but they are replying after 4-5 hours. What is the first thing you feel? Upset, anger, melancholy!

You cry, shout, and hurl your phone across the wall- does that solve any purpose? Or if you are outrageous kind, you call them and start rebuking them with all your might. In both cases, the solution is a far cry for you.

What should you do? Sit down and think of questions like What am I feeling right now? Why do I feel so? Is there any possibility of a different situation at the other end of the phone? May your friend is grappling with a catch- 22 situation?

What may be the right thing to do? Call them up and ask if they are OK? Do they need your help? The way I see things would turn around pretty good if you follow such demeanor at all times.


Emotions are a part of you, and there is no way you can escape them. Hence, the best thing to do is to accept them as they broil. Without embracing sadness, you can’t realize the essence of happiness. Consequently, a balance of all the emotions is what makes you- YOU!

As a result, shake hands with all your hues and embrace them, become friends with these emotions so that you can manage them well.  Befriending emotions will make you fully feel them and evade reacting in a frenzied manner.


We all have been there when we want to be frantic, cry profusely buried in our pillow, or scream like hell. But there has to be an accurate time and place for this emotional outburst.

Different emotions to show effective emotion management strategies.

You can’t yell at your boss for giving that promotion to something else (provided that you don’t want to get fired). For the time being, bottle up your anger, fury- whatever it is! Sit over with your trustful friend, and then take it all out!

Remember, I am not suggesting to suppress or repress your emotions at all. I am just apprising you to take them out at the right given point of time.


More and more people have embraced meditation, if you already have, you are on the right track. If not, it’s never too late to start a good thing. Meditation enables you to become self-aware of yourself, your feelings, and your emotions without being judgemental at all.

It’s ok to be not okay! It’s okay to be hurt! It’s okay to be sad! You are a human, and it’s ok to feel things. You don’t have to necessarily hush them away or try to change them. Meditate and feel these emotions growing within you.

This brings the end of this Blog. Thanks for reading. We really appreciate your time.

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