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“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

The famous quote by the well-renowned artiste and motivational writer apparently states that one is competent to achieve their goals, objectives, and dreams in life. True to its essence, there are two predominant forces between you and your dreams. They are self-driven and self-monitoring factors. What are these two factors, and how these forces will drive you to the pedestal of success- we will find out in this article. 

Let’s take a roll on them. 


Self-driven is the ability of a person to drive or motivate oneself to take actions to pursue their goals and dreams. It is an intrinsic drive that reinforces you to work tirelessly towards your goals and objectives. This innate strength encourages you to move forward towards goals not because someone else told you to do so but because you want to do it for yourself. 

With a burning desire to attain goals, a self-driven person keeps oneself on the run with sheer determination and perseverance. After all, take a toll on purposes necessitate time, resolution, and perpetual efforts to get what you want!

The image shows a person who is self-driven and self-monitoring to achieve his dreams.


Self-monitoring is the process of recording one’s own actions and efforts towards the desired goals. Put in other words, self-monitoring alludes to keeping a track record of things such as if one has performed, is in the process of performing, or has gotten off the right track towards their solicited aspirations. 

A self-monitored person is well-aligned with their goals and the definite tasks that facilitate them to reach their goals. One monitors the progress and advancements that one has made and how much they are yet to achieve in order to win over their ambitions. 


The path to success of any dream is not lightened or showered by any external forces or privileges. Whatever it takes to mirror success, it lies within you! If you are parasitic on some outside forces to escort you to victory, then you need to think again!

Success or failure lies within you, and the light that beckons you to succeed is innately embedded in your body. All you have to do is to nurture it and incite it to help you track your progress. These two ardent administrators are none other than self-driving and self-monitoring forces.

As you are drifting along with your self-driven duress and all along the line self-monitor yourself to appraise your progress- nobody can stop you from achieving your high-end path-breaking goals. 

In the race to the finish, the beginning is easy as we are all enthusiastic and full of veracity to reach out to our aspirations, but when the outcome doesn’t come to us as easy and as soon as we expect it to- our faith begins to shake. We find ourselves wayward and astray, finding it hard to continue that road, and often the self-driven and self-monitoring forces wanes. People who adrift in such a predicament are coerced to change their goals or accept their defeat. However, the people who are pushing against the integrated combo of self-driven and self-monitoring forces end up embracing success as the reward of their perseverance. 


Indeed, self-driven element encourages you to keep chasing your dreams and motivate yourself to reach out to your exultant aspirations. Another ingredient that spice up the success dish is self-monitoring yourself, to ensure that you are on the constructive path of progression. You must see to yourself that you are incessantly working towards your goals by finishing up small tasks that lead you towards your dreams. 

As a matter of fact, there may be times when you find yourself grappling with the circumstances to work as you are lured by distractions and voluptuous pleasures. However, remembering that these are gimmicks to drive you away to savor the taste of success, you have to continue working up your goals. 

Believing in the convictions of self-driven and self-monitoring goals can make you crown yourself with the stellar success that you truly deserve.

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