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If you are of the view that writing skills are a part of a mere digital marketer or content writers’ bubble, then you are highly mistaken. Gone are those days when this was the scenario. As of now, with the growing importance of communication, writing has become an inevitable part of everybody’s life irrespective of the industry or job type. 

Don’t bother if you are running a business or an employee- writing is going to run along the line with you. Talking of which, reports, user manuals, presentations, emails all come under the writing umbrella. And how can we miss that? Resume writing- the first step to any employment is also writing skills. 

Moving along the lane, in this article, you will churn and learn about- What are writing skills? Why are they important? And how can you incorporate the writing skillset into your resume? 

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Going by the name, writing refers to the process of communicating your ideas, thoughts, and opinions in a written manner. Articulation of expression in a written form defines the writing skills.

Though it seems easy to grasp the definition, digging-deep can pop-open your brains. To organize and map out the structure while being coherent and fluent is a hard-earned achievement. And in all honesty, it comes along with practice.

Affluent writing skill is a formidable task that is not just confined to the grammar spectrum of English. There is a lot more to it. How? While writing calls for a fluent and comprehensible piece, you have to look for compact and viable sentence structures. All along, basking in the good vocabulary is requisite for a good piece of writing. 


With the growing importance of communication and interpersonal skills at the workplace, writing skills have become an inherent and in-demand skill set. Take, for example, you may be a good problem solver, but coming to words if you can’t articulate your approach well, then the problem-solving skills are in vain. 

Reports, presentations, sales proposals, emails, and a lot of more write-ups call for your expositions. And, sorry to say, but a poor and haphazard write-up shadows your easy-going attitude towards work.

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A clarion comprehension of the essentiality of good writing skills can compel the people’s perception of you in the workplace. 

  • PROFESSIONALISM: A piece of writing, whether a sales report or even a petite email, should be reminiscent of your professionalism. You cannot use colloquialisms in your workplace mails. Clear, crisp, and concise writing skills work wonders in the workplace.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE: No piece of content is a zilch. It serves its purpose well. While a well-written report or presentation does formidably impress your boss, a to-the-point quotation for a client can entice an upbeat positive response. And, when these write-ups cast its spell, it avidly boosts up your confidence.
  • CAPABILITY AT WORKPLACE: People do notice your grammatical and spelling errors and poor writing skills. Considering which can deem them to believe your waned capabilities that may otherwise be untrue. 


There is no doubt that a well-written resume sets the ground for your provident future for the job. A precisely well-organized, conspicuous, and engaging resume authenticates your objectives, capabilities, and achievements. Conveniently, it catches the eye of the recruiter.

Thus, a clean, well-knit resume comes in handy for the success of your job selection. 

The less spacious resume speaks out a lot about our writing skills. On the initial basis, the recruiter only has the resume to test the waters, so you have to be scrupulous with word choices. All in all, it highlights your understanding of grammar, writing, editing, and structure formation. Therefore, use consistent and clear verb tenses throughout the resume. Be meticulous with your format and consistency. And most importantly, double-check your spelling mistakes.

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