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Attendance system: One year on, education dept’s promised tracking system for students yet to take off

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The UT Education Department had made promises a year back about installing tracking system for attendance in the schools in the city. A year has passed by and the work on it is still in the bud stage.

Attandence system

The  UT  Education  Department had  set  up dummy schools  for tracking  the attendance of  the students and the number of students  who bunked schools. The  aim  was to keep a check on the practice  of  senior secondary students  joining  dummy government schools and devoting  all their time to coaching  classes.  H.S Mamik, Chairperson  of  Vivek  High School  stated that much work has not  been  done  so  far  even  though  government  had  set  up  biometric  tracking  system  in  5 government schools in the city.

The idea was that parents will  get   SMS’s on their mobile phones within minutes of  their ward’s activities -“Right from the morning session to activities in lunch break and after school hours, every activity  of   students  will  be  monitored  by the  school authorities,”  sources  in  the  department disclosed. Activities of  student will be uploaded on the Internal tracking systemcontrolled by the department and then subsequently the SMS’s will be sent their parents.

The idea of  keeping vigilance with the assistance of  the then DPI (Schools) Kamlesh Kumar, on the coaching centres also did not prove useful as these centres are their own master and do not follow any norms and rules.

The peer pressure, the thought that only  a coaching  centre provides good education  and help  the student to get good marks and the numerous coaching classes opening in every nook and corner is creating  a menace. President of  UT Cadre  Educational Employees  Union, Swarn Singh Kamboj said that  all this is preventing the administration from working on the set-up of tracking system. He said that  the  notification passed  by Deputy Commissioner  Mohammad  Shayin  that  compelled  the centres to shut down before 3 pm was not followed. He stated that the tracking system should be installed in the schools at the earliest to put a stop at the malpractices of the coaching classes.

The education department is now involving the  IT Department for the installation of  the biometric attendance machines at the schools for both the teachers and the students in coming three months. Even though  the biometrics  for the teachers has been installed  in  some 5  schools,  but  it has  not been linked to the main server to the Education Department.

It  got mixed reactions;  some appreciated it  while others  stated  it  to be a futile exercise as the department will not be able to control such a large  number of  students. With the large  number of coaching centres and the unwavering faith of the students in them, it seems almost impossible that the government will be able to achieve the target in the coming future. The need of the hour is that strict laws should be implemented on these centres and it should be made mandatory to follow the achieved.

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