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Three new alliances to tackle global education challenges

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Education is a process of facilitating learning, acquisition of knowledge, building on skills, values and habits. Educators are in schools and colleges but, learners must educate themselves by indulging themselves…

Speak Your Mind Through The ‘MODI’ App

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On 17 June 2015, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an app named Narendra Modi mobile app. This application created a buzz in the Indian history on how none of…

How to beat the exams blues: Solutions of NCERT Books

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Examinations are a much-debated topic amongst the academic circles and opinions are divided on the ideal type of assessment that one should have at the school level. There are countries…


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With the exam time approaching, the stress levels among the students reach a whole new level. The common difficulties faced by the students is effective time management, and coping with…

Alternative Learning – The Montessori way

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Maria Montessori, was a part of what is known as the cognitive-development movement. Her work as a doctor and scientist set the stage for her theories on “planes of development”…