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Three new alliances to tackle global education challenges

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Education is a process of facilitating learning, acquisition of knowledge, building on skills, values and habits. Educators are in schools and colleges but, learners must educate themselves by indulging themselves in reading and making themselves aware about the present scenario. The reason of high tuition cost or lack of access should not lead to people shutting off themselves after a mere high school education. Financial ramifications of income equality, major gaps in overall achievement by the students belonging to poor and rich sections of the society are heard in large number and this needs to be eradicated.

global-challenge-in-educationIn order to bring in changes in the exiting education system, new international alliances have been launched. Education alliance is a non-profit organization who aims to create a path to a tuition free, high–quality and universally-accessible college for any motivated students. The recent advancements in the alliances are three Varkey Foundation Alliances which includes Alliance on Girl’s Education, Alliance on Teachers and the Alliance on Invention. The Alliance will comprise of experts from renowned leading private business, academia and government and will address and solve the most-oppressed issues of educatithe states in the action plan.

The focus area of the proposed plan include ensuring worldwide equal access to education for girls, raising the quality of teaching in institution and respect for the teaching profession, and how to use the innovation in technology for the betterment of education in the most efficient manner. These are some of the challenges that are faced by the education system in major parts of the world. The quality of teaching has degraded over some time. Scholars from good institution need to be hired to teach young students. The quality of education makes a life time impact on the children.

The issues will be reflected with due diligence and acted upon in the most appropriate way by the panel of experts comprising of around 10-15 members. The alliance that is formed to tackle the education needs globally includes eminent and prominent individuals from organization such as UNESCO, Harvard University, Amazon, LEGO Education and various their government ministers and their representatives who includes David Edwards, Deputy General-Secretary, Education International; Brett Wigdortz, Chief Executive Officer, Teach First, UK; Esteban Bullrich, Minister of Education, Argentina; and Christina Lowery, Managing Director, Girls Rising, US. Each alliance will hold a further set of meetings over the year to produce recommended actions in the respective focus areas. The alliance will be funded by the Varkey foundation, founded by a Kerala born Sunny Varkey.

The state of Girls education is in a poor state in various sections of the Indian society and among various countries. A statistical analysis by UNICEF revealed that 31 million girls of primary school age and 32 million girls of lower secondary school age were out of school in 2013. Varkey foundation said in a statement, "This needs to change because educated girls who have been to school have much more power to break the cycle of poverty. Gender equality in education generates a virtuous cycle that benefits future generations.

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