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3 Important things which every Student know – For Biology board 2018 Practical Exam 

Suraj Kumar 1

Biology CBSE board exam has two phase to examine the student knowledge in class 12.
The first phase practical exam which has 70 marks weightage.
The second phase is a practical exam.

Biology board practical exam has 30 marks weigthage.

The marks is divided in the following manner:

Time allowed: 3 hours

Max. Marks: 30
Evaluation Scheme
One Major Experiment 5

One Minor Experiment


Slide preparation




Practical Record+ Viva Voice

Project Record + Viva Voice



30 Marks

Here are the three five important things which students must know to score perfect 30 marks in class 12 biology board practical Exams:

I) Check your practical file: Students always must know about each and every experiment which they had written in the practical notebook. It always happens during the viva voice that examiner asks questions from the practical notebook. Therefore always get to check each and every single experiment before the practical exam.

II) Know about the practical instruments: Student during the practical only observe the experiment but they often forget to ask what instruments they are using and for what purpose. Thus students need to know about every instrument and its working and at which principle is based.

III) Know the chemical: In biology experiment, there are many liquid chemicals which were used in the practical exam. Thus it is better to know about every chemical and how it reacts with the experimental subject. The external examiner always asks about chemical and it working.

Discipline is always a top priority which student always maintain during the practical exam; always try to maintain a decorum of class and make sure you are well dressed.

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