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Changes In Education That You May Have Missed Noticing

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Change is the law of nature and education sector is no exception to this rule. In ancient time people used to use leaves as we use paper to jot down or scribble notes, while the teacher gave lectures. The pupils had to stay with their Guru or teacher till their education was complete. Education was free, however, students in return helped the teacher in daily chores and paid in kind. The teacher was called guru, schools – ‘GURUKUL’. Gurukul was the alma mater of the students where arts, philosophy, education, military education etc. was taught. One of the drawbacks of that education system was that children belonging to upper classes only were allowed to receive an education. There were no books for passing the knowledge to the future generations, whatever was taught was done verbally. The knowledge passed from teacher to students and so on. From that time to present, we have observed drastic changes in the education system and style.

3Indian-knowledge-desiging-No doubt education is the foundation of society. The National Policy on Education was formulated in 1986 and modified in 1992. Since then several changes have taken place and the demand for a revision of the Policy has come up with changes and situation. The Government of India has to come up with a National Education Policy to meet the changing dynamics of the population’s requirement with the help of innovation and research. The Government should strive to make India a superpower by equipping its students with the necessary skills and knowledge. It should improve the quality of the education and make the student's industry ready to remove the problem of the shortage of manpower in science, technology, academics and industry.

Education is undergoing constant changes under the effects of globalisation. With the globalisation, we can see the technological advancement in the education too. Through globalisation of education, it has become possible to transfer knowledge from well-developed countries to the developing countries. This is helping in improving the skills and capabilities.

Education has gained a lot of traction since the 90s due to this technology. Since classrooms are being switched to virtual platforms, students can use the new learning methods and tools as they are readily available and free. For example, if a student wants textbooks and other learning materials like cbse 9th class study material, it is now much for him/her to obtain that as most of the websites are providing them for free.

These technological changes have modernised our classrguruoom also. Teachers are teaching with the help of projectors, keyboards, touchscreens, and other new devices to make teaching more interesting and fun. Students are also getting benefits from these. With the help of i-phones and tablets, they are more motivated and it has become easier to understand the concepts. Pre-recorded tutorial lectures or videos are adding a personal touch to the learning process.

However, most of the parents, schools, teachers, are still unaware of these changes in the education field and do not realise that these change can help make the education system better.

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