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The Chimpanzee

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Zigya: Chimpanzee

The Chimpanzee is native to the sub-Saharan Africa and are currently found in the Congo jungle.

Their hair is typically black or brown.

Males and females differ in size and appearance

Fruit is the most important component of a chimpanzee's diet; however, they will also eat vegetation, bark, honey, insects and even other chimps or monkeys.

They can live over 30 years in both the wild and captivity.

They are humanity's closest living relatives

They are among the largest-brained, and most intelligent of primates; they use a variety of sophisticated tools and construct elaborate sleeping nests each night from branches and foliage.

Chimpanzees are known for possessing great amount of muscle strength, especially in their arms.

The common chimpanzee has an omnivorous diet, a troop hunting culture based on beta males led by an alpha male, and highly complex social relationships

The average, captive chimpanzee sleeps 9.7 hours per day.

Chimpanzees make tools and use them to acquire foods and for social display.

They have sophisticated hunting strategies requiring cooperation, influence and rank

They are status conscious, manipulative and capable of deception.

They can learn to use symbols and understand aspects of human language including some relational syntax, concepts of number and numerical sequence.

They are capable of spontaneous planning for a future state or event.

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